Soul Wood

At the present moment, in a “Soul Wood” (currently lasting just over 20 minutes, but growing) four puppets appear, whose appearances are linked, or one “pulls” another. They express themselves through music which is another important part of the show. It starts from a number of pure virtuosity: the performance of a trapeze artist impressively mimicking real movements; his exit focuses around the display of a mystery number enclosed in a casket. Playing with the imagination of the audience, the mysterious trunk will begin to gradually show “life” with the intent to arouse curiosity and finally a feeling of pleasant surprise. As in a game of chinese boxes, we arrive at “Uncle Tatì”, the heart of the show: from the captivating scenography to the articulation of the puppets themselves, from the complex manipulation to the unequivocal expression that renders simply from the story told and the rhythm of music to the depth of the universal message that evokes … all seasoned with twists designed to leave the audience in awe. Finally, it is time for “the Mother In-Law”, Cirmola: a captivating and whimsical “lady” (a marionette of an impressive complexity), in the privacy of her bath, performs all her vocal and rhythmic virtuosities, arousing much fun for a wider audience.

Videos of the show

Technical Features


25 minutes

Performance space

3m x 4m

Audio and light system

To be agreed

No text, soundtrack

Maximum number of replicas


Setting and unsetting time

30 minutes

Suitable for outdoor events and festivals

Suitable for gala events and cabaret


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