Silvia Diomelli

“Encounter between earth
and sky with the strings”

Discovery of soul wood

Soul Wood

Soul Wood is a tiny show where the music brings the audience in the magic world of Marionettes: Through the winding movements of a Indian trapeze artist we enter in a poetical atmosphere in which we discover a secret locked in a treasure chest that suddenly appears.We then come to witness the curious love story between a spring and a corkscrew. Uncle Tatì is next, he’s the main character of a small world which, through the music, soap bubbles and the meeting with a bee and a butterfly, tell us about the eternal young soul of a dreamer. Finally, it is time for “the Mother In-Law”, Cirmola: a captivating and whimsical “lady” (a marionette of an impressive complexity), in the privacy of her bath, performs all her vocal and rhythmic virtuosities, arousing much fun for a wider audience.

The Magical World of Marionettes

I introduce myself…

I got involved in Marionette’s world in 2005; I was 27 and my life was already following a precise direction: a Pedagogy degree and a job. The time was come to think about serious stuff, that kind of things that keeps you awake in the night. I started daydreaming thanks to Paolo Valenti and his course about construction of marionettes….

has no age

Handcrafted marionettes

Charm without time

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